#infoseckk: meetup 2017.1

The Information Security KK Group (formerly known as #pentesting) will have its first 2017 meetup this week.

We will be discussing our wish-list for the new year. On the agenda are: CTF (Capture the Flag) competitions, hackathons, and training/hands-on sessions. Got a nice idea or planning to start something related to information security? Come along and join us on Thursday at Smartspace KK, Level 9, Wisma Bandaraya, Kota Kinabalu; and/or leave a message/comment on this event :)

Bounty: 1/1482211181

The SmartSpace ceiling is flaking due to deteriorating paint. In the past months, we have wrapped 70% of the plaster boards with "mahjong" paper to reduce the inevitable "snow" caused by temperature fluctuations during the day. A few remaining plaster boards at the edges of the space are still unwrapped. We offer a bounty to wrap the remaining boards. "Mahjong" paper is available in the corner of the space closest to the door. In the event that you need to purchase additional paper, you can claim any additional expenditure on top of the bounty itself.

Bounty: 1/1482211132

Our makerspace has been using the planetary gears photo as its "temporary" logo for almost two years - we now need an actual logo for 2017. Interested individuals can post your logo design into the #smartspacekk slack channel or the Smartspace KK Google Hangouts for comments and constructive criticism from KC members. The final decision will be made by joint decision of Arthur, Faizal and Hafeezi. The final logo submission should be scalable, and made available in the SVG file format.

KC meets the Makers of KL (and more!)

KC with MaGIC and the Makers
Edham with Ted Chan, MaGIC Cyberjaya
Goodies - including the microdrone from MYCRO!

Even while we wrap-up in anticipation of Christmas and the end-of-year holidays, we still have to reach out to all our friends in like-minded communities across Malaysia!

KK Maker Expo 2016

The Kota Kinabalu Mini Maker Expo will be held in conjunction with the Roboneo 2016 competition and Sabah ICT Fiesta at Suria Sabah. A crowd-puller, the expo celebrates the arts, invention, innovation, creation and expression in all forms, with a distinctly tech and maker flavor. The general public is invited to visit and - best of all - ask questions and learn from our fledgling tech and maker communities.