Who We Are

We are the Sabah Programmers and ICT Builders Association (Malay: Persatuan Pengaturcara Dan Pembina ICT Sabah) - better known as Kinabalu Coders ("KC"). Established and registered in May 2014, we are a coalition of leads, organisers, and volunteers from tech and maker related communities and local industries. Kinabalu Coders provides a platform for its member to engage with each other; make technology accessible; share knowledge and collaborate on projects; and reach out to like-minded individuals and organisations all across Sabah.

KC seeks to improve awareness and penetration of the latest concepts and applications from the global Coder, Tech and Maker movements. We strive to raise the overall proficiency of the communities we support, and thus improve the socioeconomic standard of our society as a whole through IT and tech.

We support and celebrate the arts, invention, innovation, creation and expression in all forms. The spirit of Bikin Sendiri (English: Do-It-Yourself) is in the collective DNA of our association and its communities. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will support our activities and events in the near future.


Im looking for mentorship regarding my personal little project... thanks