KK Maker Expo 2016

Saturday, 19 November, 2016 - 10:00 to Sunday, 20 November, 2016 - 17:00

The Kota Kinabalu Mini Maker Expo will be held in conjunction with the Roboneo 2016 competition and Sabah ICT Fiesta at Suria Sabah. A crowd-puller, the expo celebrates the arts, invention, innovation, creation and expression in all forms, with a distinctly tech and maker flavor. The general public is invited to visit and - best of all - ask questions and learn from our fledgling tech and maker communities.

To participants, KC is issuing Sabah's first Call To Makers:

You have been invited to join our first-ever Maker Expo. The rest of this document contains vital information that you will need to know on that day.

Note: This document is subject to change and modification. If any change or modifications occur after publication, the content will be updated and a comment will be posted detailing the change.


  • Our goal is to promote arts, innovation, creation and expression for techs and makers.
  • Since this is our first maker expo, and we're not sure what to expect, we allow all content except that which is clearly detrimental to the public interest (this includes material of a disgusting or overtly political nature) and/or unrelated with the stated goal. We trust that you will adhere to this policy.
  • Commercial activity is allowed. However, your booth should not be exclusively commercial and still perform public outreach and knowledge-sharing. As such, we strongly recommend that at least one technically-capable person be available to describe your community/projects to the public. The more the merrier of course!
  • Each booth is an open-format table - there are no walls, excepts poles holding up the booth headers. We will provide twine and duct tape if you need to stick things up. Bear in mind that space is limited and we rather not block members of the public walking in and out of the exhibition area. We suggest using handouts such as pamphlets and brochures.
  • You are allowed to use self-standing promotional materials such as graphic and posters stands. You will have to prepare them and bring these yourself though.


  • Your team will have one 150x60cm table with ample power supply.
  • The official exhibition dates and times are Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 2016, from 10AM to 5PM on each day.
  • If you like to setup and exhibit earlier (or view your exhibition spot), Friday 18th is also available.
  • Tables are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Don't worry, space is ample and the entire area is open to the public, so positioning won't be an issue.
  • Depending on circumstances, we may expand your usage to more tables, based on availability and need.


  • Round-the-clock security will be provided by the organisers.
  • Please watch your belongings, as this is a central area of Suria Sabah and will have very large crowds.


  • Your point of contact will be Arthur Raymond via mobile number +60128337395 - you can reach him via WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. Avoid using SMS - it costs money anyway. You can also reach out to him on Google Hangouts via eeckart@gmail.com
  • Other points of contact will be designated before the exhibition begins on Saturday. You can reach out to them anytime during the exhibition to report any issues/problems/requests.