Meet KC at Roboneo 2016 and our first Mini Maker Expo!

It has been a hectic few days in the run-up to the Sabah ICT Fiesta, where we are co-organising the Roboneo 2016 and Kota Kinabalu's first-ever Mini Maker Expo. KC will be showcasing several projects and communities over this weekend (Nov 19th-20th) at Suria Sabah, so come visit anytime! We would like to take this opportunity to blow your mind (in a good way, of course!). Here be flying drones; autonomous vehicles; a programming card game; 3D printing; the Internet of Things; and of course, robots!

At our booth, we will also be offering a special "maker deal" on the Raspberry Pi 3 - the credit-card size computer that's taking the world by storm! In an effort to encourage uptake on these tiny but capable little devices, we are pleased to make them available to you at cost price! That's a Raspberry Pi 3 for 185.00MYR - a perfect starting point for your next project. Additionally, as co-organisers of the Roboneo challenge, we will also be selling signature event shirts. Show your support for more events like this by getting one!

Be sure to catch the Internet of Things showcase by Politeknik Kota Kinabalu on Saturday and the the Sumo and Autonomous robot fights over the course of the weekend, as Sabah's very best pit their skills in both software and hardware in Sabah's premier robotics competition. Who will win this year?

Join us and find out! See you soon!