KC meets the Makers of KL (and more!)

KC with MaGIC and the Makers
Edham with Ted Chan, MaGIC Cyberjaya
Goodies - including the microdrone from MYCRO!

Even while we wrap-up in anticipation of Christmas and the end-of-year holidays, we still have to reach out to all our friends in like-minded communities across Malaysia!

On Saturday, December 10 2016, we headed down to APIIT at Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil to present some papers at the annual Kuala Lumpur Raspberry Pi Jam 2016. We would like to give a big shout-out to the Raspberry Pi Club Malaysia founder Ted Chan for inviting us over and giving us the opportunity to meet people from all over!

The following Monday (December 12 2016) while the rest of Malaysia was on holiday, we visited and toured the MaGIC and MCMC makerspaces at Cyberjaya. We also touched base with representatives from MaGIC and the makers of KL. Ted Chan (of Raspberry Pi Club Malaysia) also gave us a surprise visit in Cyberjaya to pass us some goodies to bring back home to KK.

After many fruitful discussions and meetings in KL, we eventually found our way back to KK, and met up with the CEO and co-founder of Cytron Technologies, where we discussed bringing-in more robotics events and supporting services in Sabah. Roll on Roboneo 2017!

Despite the global economic and political uncertainty, 2017 is shaping up into a big year for us. We look forward to growing the coder and maker communities in Sabah, and bringing the world to all Sabahans.

P.S. Kudos to Kaki DIY and Malaysia Conceptual Robotics for adding to our goodie bag to take home to our makerspace!

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