Usage of Brand and Licensing

We are a registered Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO) operating in the Malaysian state of Sabah, by which the names Kinabalu Coders, KC, Sabah Programmers and ICT Builders Association, and Persatuan Pengaturcara Dan Pembina ICT Sabah; logos; designs and any textual reference to these, are accredited and recognized within Sabah, as well as various entities nationally and internationally.

In addition to the above, we also implement several flagship events under the names of Roboneo and KitaBikin.

Any unauthorized use of any of our names and likenesses will be construed as a misrepresentation of our body and may have effect with our relations to our patrons, state and federal governing bodies in addition to external groups. As such, we do not allow use of our name and logo other than for our own community events and activities, or authorised collaborative efforts with third parties.

We allow use by our members and communities specifically for their events or programs that are sanctioned and run under Kinabalu Coders.

For pre-authorised usage, we request the following:

  1. Names and logos must be used in a non-commercial manner.
  2. Names and logos must be displayed positively.
  3. Usage of the the names and logos must not indicate or create any endorsement, approval, sponsorship, affiliation or recommendation of any product or service.
  4. Names and logos must not appear with any content or advertising for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, religious or political material.
  5. Names and logos must not appear with content that KC deems to be objectionable or which includes obscene, pornographic, violent, intolerant, tasteless, denigrating or sexually-oriented content and material.
  6. We reserve the right to request a review of any design or content that uses the names and logos.